Make peace with your body.

Many people struggle with eating disorder behavior, and some may not even realize it because these types of behaviors are so commonplace nowadays. In our current culture and society, it seems like being preoccupied with food and/or your body is the norm, rather than the exception. Moreover, these behaviors and the pursuit of thinness tend to be glorified and praised, especially here in Miami, where there is a strong value placed on appearance and physical fitness.


You’re not alone.

breaking free from the struggle with food is possible.

If you find yourself constantly dissatisfied with your weight/shape, preoccupied with food, caught in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, or finding that your self-worth is tied to your physical appearance, we’ll work together to help you break free from the obsessive thoughts, unhealthy behaviors, and deep fears that are keeping you stuck.


Begin to trust your body again.

If you’re worried about any of the issues below, please reach out to us for support:

  • Preoccupation with food and/or body

  • Restrictive eating, calorie counting

  • Rigid eating, limited variety of foods

  • Fear of weight gain

  • Orthorexia (preoccupation with food quality/composition)

  • Bingeing, feeling out of control around food

  • Purging, diet pills, laxative abuse

  • Shifting between periods of dieting and periods of over-eating

  • Emotional over-eating, mindless eating

  • Compulsive exercise, exercise to compensate for caloric intake

  • Decisions regarding bariatric surgery; post-surgery challenges

Recovery from an eating disorder is not simply about behavior—it must include healing your relationship with yourself. If you tend to deprive yourself, or feel numb/unworthy/afraid, or struggle with limits, therapy with a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist may help you learn to transcend your struggles with food and move toward making peace with yourself and your body.



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