Are you concerned about your substance use?

It’s hard to define “normal” use these days, but as therapists we can help you sort through it. The use of drugs and alcohol have become so commonplace in our culture. How do we even define “normal” use anymore? What crosses the line from curiosity and experimentation to potentially problematic behavior?

If you’ve been concerned about some of these topics then you’re in the right place. We are here to help you explore your substance use, not only to answer these questions, but also to understand what may be driving your substance use. Maybe you are using for a sense of enjoyment, or escapism. Maybe to lubricate your paralyzing social anxiety. Maybe your use is a means to avoid unpleasant thoughts and emotions, or to generally cope with a difficult time in your life. For some it may be more of a biologically driven behavior, something you may be predisposed to that is out of your control.

Heal / protect your most important relationships.

Therapy can be an open and honest place to begin exploring your intention behind your drug and alcohol use can help achieve you more self-awareness. If substance use has put strain on the bonds you have with people you love, therapy may also help you to heal relationships in your life—and most importantly with yourself.


Openness + honesty

We’re here to support—you take the lead

Everyone’s path in therapy is different, and therefore our work together would be tailored specifically to your goals, strengths, personality.

Moderating use and learning the skills to do so may be the path for some. Acquiring new skills through various therapeutic modalities such as mindfulness practices, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), can provide alternative ways to cope with emotions and stressors.

If moderation isn't feasible, then sobriety may be your path. Committing to sobriety may include a shift in one's lifestyle, identity, and overall way of life.

Whatever you decide, we’ll help you by providing support, tools, and honest, compassionate feedback.



Support is Key.

Whether the path is moderating use or transitioning to sobriety, change can be accompanied by a grieving process for loss of what may have been comfortable and known. Support is key–be it through individual therapeutic work, and/or group therapy, and/or a 12 Step community. We are here to guide you and to help you figure out what pieces to integrate to optimally meet your needs.