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Living in such intense states can come with dread and chaos. Excessive worry, muscle tension, stomach aches, racing and looping thoughts, restlessness, irritability and sleep disturbance might characterize your anxiety. Or you might have the burden of panic attacks and all the unpleasant physiological symptoms that accompany them, along with managing the unpredictability of when the next wave of panic will hit. Maybe you have a specific phobia or suffer anxiety in social situations.


You are braver than you think.

If your mind tends to jump to the worst-case scenario, or you frequently worry about things that may never come to pass, you may find great relief in therapy. Learning how to become attuned with your physical and emotional signs of anxiety can help you intervene with the necessary skills, and help reduce the intensity and frequency of anxious symptoms.

Through learning and implementing skills based in evidence-based practices, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), you will be able to learn how to self-soothe as well as to challenge painful patterns of thinking. Sometimes treating anxiety is about recognizing that you are braver than you think to move through avoidance patterns. In those instances, therapy can involve exposure, which is really helpful in facing and conquering our unhelpful fears.



You don’t have to be ruled by anxiety.

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You don’t have to be ruled by your anxiety. You can learn how to think differently, and how to move from a mindset that is fear-based to a mindset that is more rational and hopeful. We want to help you to untangle the emotions that are keeping you stuck so that you can plug back into your life from a place of calm contentment.