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The inner work takes courage.

It can be hard to be vulnerable about what's not working when from the outside it looks like you're doing just fine. Many of us desperately want things to be different, but don't know how (or are too afraid) to make that change. As therapists, we aim to provide an open + honest place where you can take those first steps towards the life/relationships you really want.


After the pain comes expansion…

We begin with the belief that this painful period you’re going through isn't all for naught. It's happening now to teach you something that you need to learn before you can progress. It's your right of passage—to the next enhanced, authentic, and expansive version of yourself.

We’re here to support you with your desire to become more mindful and self-aware; unlock your potential; and fulfill your personal goals. It takes deep work to finally resolve the issues holding you back, and (if you’re ready) we’ll work right alongside you.


Dr. Stephanie Diamond, CEDS-S + Sage Rubinstein, MA, LMHC 

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