Connection… is everything.

For better or worse, we tend to repeat patterns in relationships—platonic or romantic. Maybe we aren’t able to create the types of relationships we truly want, or we often find ourselves dissatisfied or disappointed in others. Relationships can be especially stressful and difficult when dealing with a toxic or troubled person.

Therapy to address relationship issues often involves identifying patterns and ways of relating that may be getting in your way. It may involve healing old wounds, be they from abusive/traumatic relationships, or relationships that caused you to retreat and mistrust.

It may also involve getting clearer about specific issues and how they impact your relationship happiness, such as:

  • your personal needs & boundaries

  • your attachment style

  • trust

  • your sexual identity

  • patterns that aren’t working (i.e. enabling others)

  • co-dependency

  • fierce independence

  • intimacy & sex

  • how you communicate

  • how you fight

If you desire to be closer to and happier with someone you love, we can help you work through these issues so that your relationship feels more fluid, satisfying, and enjoyable.



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